UX Design services

Backlog creation & prioritisation

Firstly a stakeholder workshop will help you evaluate your product backlog (list of features) and prioritise what is in and out of scope for your app. The following stages of work are part of this phase.

  • Stakeholder workshop
  • Technical evaluation
  • Value engineering
  • Backlog prioritisation

Wireframes, prototyping & UI design

Detailed user journey planning throughout your app will ensure the screens make sense to users. We’ll create clickable prototypes for stakeholders and users to understand the usability and feel of the app. Wireframing and UI design brings the page layouts to life, firstly as a black and white blueprint and then adding colour and branding.

Functional specifications

Your developers require the detail and answers to help them do their job quickly and efficiently. Wireframes and functional specification documents from UX.Healthcare mean the application or website specifications are all agreed and developers can work with clearly versioned, highly detailed documents. 

Design for multi-region & language

Global pharmaceutical companies and products require localised UX and content to deal with the highly regulated market that is the healthcare space. USA, Europe, Asia, LatAm and beyond all have their own specialised requirements and compliance regulations. We can own this for you and simplify complex requirements.

Content strategy & site maps

Content and data are the main reason users are coming to your application, so it needs to be organised clearly and intuitively. Collaboration with copywriters, content owners, strategists and data integration specialists is important here and you’ll always get the chance to sign off and agree decisions before they are finalised.

Handover to developers

Technical detail is vital to our work, and developers will be brought with us every step of the way – so there will be no surprises. But when the time comes to hand over all features will be documented and we’ll be on hand over instant message (Slack or Teams) to answer questions as they come up.

Design systems & UI kits

Modern UX design in the healthcare space requires design systems using atomic design and reusable components. In simple terms, this means if you update the look and feel of a component in one place, it updates throughout the site! We’ll deliver component based design that is critical for ease of understanding and simplicity of build.

Navigation design

Navigation is critical to allow intuitive and easy movement around your healthcare or medical application or website. Mobile, tablet and desktop navigation may behave differently and the context of use is likely to vary. Naming is also important and all navigation factors will be considered.

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