User Experience Design & Research Services for Healthcare

Our UX design and research services are specialised for the healthcare industry. We’ve got the know-how and experience to make your project a success.

How can UX services help healthcare?

Whether it’s digital healthcare devices or hospital management system, you want the most effective and usable front-end for your product possible – and this is where UX comes in. A seamless and friction-free user journey can differentiate your product from the competition, and ensure it is presented in the best way to end-users and stakeholders.

The two key phases of work we undertake are UX research and UX design.

During the UX research phase we specialise in understanding healthcare users – including HCPs (health care professionals), patients, carers and B2B users so we can design effectively for them.

In the UX design phase we help you build your product backlog considering user priorities, and then move in to user journey design and detailed interfaces.

Discuss your UX needs with us now – get in touch and we’re happy to talk through your requirements and whether we’re able to help.


UX Research

User research is where we help you understand your user’s digital needs by hearing from the users themselves. Our research findings will help you end internal debates within your organisation and make informed decisions.

UX Design

UX design brings beautiful, easy to use page flows to your application. We’ll define product scope, produce user journeys, site maps, wireframe functional specification documents and UI design systems.

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