Marie Curie Case Study

The challenge

Marie Curie came to us for assistance in redesigning and organising their website. Being a charitable organisation that provides care for people with terminal illnesses and their families, the website is very content-rich. This content was targeted towards a multitude of user groups, such as: people with terminal illnesses, carers, healthcare professionals, and volunteers. Their main challenge was ensuring the content was user friendly and intuitive for all those who needed to consume it.

The solution

Our consultant worked to improve the information architecture and navigation of the website. The project started with our consultant conducting a thorough discovery phase. This included conducting: stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis, analytics data review, an expert review on the existing site and remote card sorting. Thereafter, the meganav was redesigned, clickable prototypes were built and usability testing was conducted, all to ensure a user-friendly design.

Interactive prototyping

Inspired by news websites, which are often loaded with content, our consultant proposed a meganav menu for the Marie Curie website. The new design made it easier for users to run their eyes over the menu as it is made more visual. We built a prototype with clickable content, with an aim to facilitate usability testing.

Genalda Silva

UX Consultant

This was an enjoyable project to work on as it’s rare to have the opportunity to conduct research that is this detailed. The team at Marie Curie was also pleased with the results and plan to move forward with our solution.

User testing

The usability testing focused on the full user flow, finding out how users navigate to reach certain goals. This was done in a lab environment together with the UX researcher. The results were positive, as participants found the site intuitive and useful. Data also backed this up, as the completion rate was 93.3% across all tasks. The participants could provide more relevant and useful feedback since they understood better how the new navigation proposal would work.


Measurable impact of our work:


Success rate to find the Fundraiser section


Success rate to find Help Articles during user testing


Interviews conducted with participants


Mega-nav successfully went live in 2022

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