We’re a diverse team of UX consultants with expansive knowledge of every aspect of the design and research process.

We apply this expertise to all facets of the healthcare industry, whether it be platform design, user testing or everything in between.

With a constant prioritisation of the user, we create evidence-based designs that allow for harmonious stakeholder relationships.

Our consultants have previous knowledge and experience in designing digital healthcare products that allow doctors and nurses to spend time on things that matter.

UX.healthcare has shown that we deliver great user friendly products that have the perfect balance of health and design, and help your users do their job, the best way they can.

Industry Knowledge

Our team of UX consultants have extensive and professional experience in the healthcare industry. We have worked closely with practitioners and healthcare professionals in healthcare design and management.

Our UX and UI designers have also provided support for projects of healthcare digitalisation and building digital pharma.

We have worked closely with practitioners and healthcare professionals

Our values


Our team is an inclusive, diverse group of excellent designers who promote gender, racial and age equality.

Potential Building

We invest in our consultants’ professional and personal development, so we always feel connected and engaged as a team.

Positive Impact

We are keen to make positive impacts on society via our expertise in user experience, which is why we are a UX agency that focuses on the healthcare industry.

People First

Our team members are one the most important assets of UX.healthcare. Their well being is always top of mind for us.


We encourage open and honest communication, with everyone feeling comfortable to share thoughts and opinions.


With a horizontal structure, all consultants work independently on their projects, with support offered when and where they need it.